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Web and Mobile solution to

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Klodware is a software framework for web and mobile applications that convert ‘traditional and manual’ work culture to ‘modern and digital-based’ work culture

Klodware Mobile Suite is an Online Reporting Through Cloud Platform

    It also transforms the way we work:
  • From ‘with paper’ to ‘paperless’
  • From ‘scattered data’ to ‘centralized and synchronized data’
  • From ‘time consuming’ to ‘efficient’ job
  • From ‘offline’ to ‘online’ reporting
  • From ‘cheatable’ to ‘fraud-less proven’ business process

Klodware is established in a mature infrastructure to make it Cloud-based or On-Premise Network architecture in a way to uphold Secured Data Protection, High Performance and Better User Experience.
It has been implemented across many industries, like Banking, Telecommunication, Mining, Asset Inventory, Survey & Audit, FMCG and Warehousing.

Klodware Application


By Cudo Communications

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